Creating My Own Free Form Quilt: Using the Rayna Gillman Method!


Creating My Own Free Form Quilt: Using the Rayna Gillman Method!

Here’s a photo of my quilt from Friday morning. It is a loose interpretation of Lincoln Park (an awesome park here in Chicago).

I like what is happening in the top 2/3rds of the quilt, but the bottom is feeling too intense — not enough change in value. Plus, I didn’t have many colors for the water. Happily I just received a gift card, so I was able to stock up on watery light & bright blues and calming greens.  (It’s so nice to have a guilt-free shopping expedition–and to support my local quilt shop, Quiltology!)

My computer is having major issues, so I’m sneaking a few minutes on my husband’s computer. (I’m not really sneaking, but it sounds more fun to say I am!!)

I’ll be in touch! Enjoy spring!


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  2. I think your instincts are right about the change in value needed, Cathy. The quilt needs somewhere to rest the eye, so some calming (solids or reads as solids) would be good. The challenge is how to integrate them. But you’ll figure it out. This is the “slow design” part! Keep at it and keep following your instincts! Hope your computer behaves itself soon.

Interact! Let me know what you think about this post! Thanks! -Cathy

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