Cathy Turley wearing a red knitted hat

Me, in one of my hat designs, "Angkor Wat"

Hi, I’m Cathy Turley, a graphic designer, crafter, maker, artist and reader. I love being green and thrifty. In the craft department, I knit, quilt, sew and do projects! In this blog I share how-to, why-I, what I’ve read and other miscellany.


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  1. Hi there – Just thinking about you guys! We’re just here – in no man’s land – would love to hear from you – wondering how you are doing. We’re – well – the same? call or write/text when you have a chance.

    miss you,

  2. I received a Black Textured Cowl with 6 Italian Buttons, ( 70% merino, 20% Alpaca and 10% silk) from a friend that lives in Chicago. I live in NYC and would like to purchase another one as a gift for someone. Can you please advise as to how I may be able to purchase another similar item. I prefer not to involve the friend in Chicago.

  3. LA-OVE this! I know someone who would enjoy the content of your blog. I am going to email her your link. And, thank you for checking out mine. I intend to keep it at its minimal, non verbose, succinct tone. I think yours is out of sight! Groovy! Right on! Graphically stimulating. Rock on Cathy!

Interact! Let me know what you think about this post! Thanks! -Cathy

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