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Flower Delivery


Here’s a quick hello and a wish that you have a wonderful day!

DePaul Art Museum Flowers

Straight from my phone to you: the flowers in front of the DePaul University Art Museum had a faded beauty. (Taken on or before May 7.)

Have a great spring day!


Creating My Own Free Form Quilt: Using the Rayna Gillman Method!


Creating My Own Free Form Quilt: Using the Rayna Gillman Method!

Here’s a photo of my quilt from Friday morning. It is a loose interpretation of Lincoln Park (an awesome park here in Chicago).

I like what is happening in the top 2/3rds of the quilt, but the bottom is feeling too intense — not enough change in value. Plus, I didn’t have many colors for the water. Happily I just received a gift card, so I was able to stock up on watery light & bright blues and calming greens.  (It’s so nice to have a guilt-free shopping expedition–and to support my local quilt shop, Quiltology!)

My computer is having major issues, so I’m sneaking a few minutes on my husband’s computer. (I’m not really sneaking, but it sounds more fun to say I am!!)

I’ll be in touch! Enjoy spring!